Audiologue (20th Anniversary Remaster)

by Trademark

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    Features remastered audio from original mix and remastered artwork from original photographs in 4 page booklet. Numbered 1/100 and made from glass master. Price excludes VAT & P+P.

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Prologue 01:15
I'm watching you move I'm watching your body language and I don't like what it's saying to me I don't want to intrude but behind your back there's a different light to see Everyone's talking Everyone's bitching about all the things you say and everyone's walking at a safe distance away Chorus: You need my help but all you want is to make me bitter It's not a game You joke but you don't know the full story I've seen this before you start off with a multitude and end up with no one but me All because you want more but behind your back there's a different light to see There's a feeling inside I cannot explain myself but you wouldn't listen anyway When two people collide Why don't their thoughts coincide Away Chorus © Trademark 1999
Mental song 03:43
Nothing No more waiting The time has arrived for me to convert myself into reality Something I hoped something would give Or someone would take me home But now I don't know Where I'm supposed to belong Bridge: And now I can't go wrong I sit and count the songs That you have created through your mind And I'm supposed to forget or even be thankful but it hasn't happened yet Chorus: You can waste my time You can make my rhymes But you can't change my mind You can leave, diffuse Leave my soul confused But you can't change my mind When I watch you with care You cannot see me there Sometimes I'm not even close But I can follow you Bridge Chorus Instrumental Break Chorus x2 © Trademark 1999
Connect 03:17
Seeing the truth Is always tempting complications Telling the truth I wish for no hesitations What do I do when all I seem to get is negative? What can you do? I need someone to show me how it's done Bridge: The transition's on I am not the one Do you feel something When they call my name And can you decide what you want to hide Show me how you see For I want to perceive Chorus: I hear your radio And I want to know Connect yourself to me I see your video But you say no Connect yourself to me I plan my life Ahead of you I make predictions now I need to foresee Ambiguity She feels it's necessary Bridge Chorus © Trademark 1999
Coded light 04:13
Watching across the water The travelator to dry land Following fluorescent trails of a kind of motion silver hands through the coded light see the light Continuing My body is resolving The dusk is clear to me but the air must bee dissolving The integral of what should be Has just appeared in front of me Moving through caves of progressive waves He claims to me that he's the coded light see the light I will return Someday I will return Translucent memories I can't recall So I must return The face, the shape, the scene Shattered windows of normality A fading click track of yesterday Tranquillity I'm still blinded by the coded light see the light the fading light the dying light I have returned My home is here The distant memories have been restored I have returned © Trademark 1999
Minority 05:41
In a never ending maze Find the bridge to a different phase My pulse has doubled and my mind is troubled But safe in my jacket from the haze Is this the future we designed for us Or a tube that we're trapped inside If we could get out there's hope for us Because we're cloned so we can't die My father left a paper scroll to me Of the world with an outside infinite Now thermo-controlled glass pudding bowls With polythene grass and sponsored light Leaving the shadow of my former self We meet on the fourteenth floor And head for the exit that we heard about Posing as tube inspectors We're alone for now Minority On the corner I fell into your gaze A wondrous story Of life without space I once dreamt of what I see at last An audiologue of all that is past The white tiled tubes are now fields of green The glass towers have turned to trees Cylinders shiny once echoing noise The only sound you hear is the breeze We're alone for now Minority © Trademark 1999
I am not the one You think I am afraid But I am not afraid For all these things I can live through How hard you tried When it was so futile I know you couldn't reach the top But it isn't over yet And although everything has a bearing on your life It could all just stop but would that be enough for you Chorus: Tell me if it's too much to ask of you But I'm changing We're moving I've started rearranging Sometimes it's too hard To wake up in time You couldn't see much sense in it And now you can't forget She'll be staying in tonight I could have been the one But now it's all too late and she can't ever love for me Chorus She can't find the time for me And her face I'll never see when our lives are torn apart I wish I'd known it from the start Chorus © Trademark 1999
Voice box 03:24
I want to talk I want to be heard But no one is listening And no one seems to care I try to speak But there's no point in trying Because no one is listening There's nothing to compare But now the conversation's turned I feel that I can talk But I've no words to take my share It seems so unfair Can I have everyone's attention? And though it seems unfair right now I haven't had my share © Trademark 1999
It's a fact And we can't turn away From that And now You watch me every day Chorus: And there are better ways To while away your time I stand and look away when all you want (is) Me to say I think that it's OK I choose to agree Though it's all down to fate And I may regret The chances I have passed To say what I Have left until the last You make your move Or leave me in the cold I can't go first From what I know of old Chorus © Trademark 1999
In a space 06:20
Taken by surprise I never knew that Take my advice Listen to me I don't want our lives to waste away Without you hearing what I've got to say You are to me A feint remembrance But now I want to be Within your resemblance I want you to understand my mind But I wish I'd known what I could find I want you in a space Where I can hold you Look through your face To what's inside you I don't want our lives to waste away Without you hearing what I've got to say I want you to understand my mind But I wish I'd known what I could find © Trademark 1999
Burn 04:34
You scared me with your words If only I could hear them now Unsure of your caress And now it's turned to nothingness I sit and stare like you're not there And when you smile it seems unfair So you have left your love behind Why don't you take a walk around my mind I should have read my stars But I couldn't see that far ahead The memories fade and die I should have asked the question why I sit and stare like you're not there And when you smile it seems unfair So you have left your love behind Why don't you take a walk around my mind So you have left your love to burn I only wish it would return. © Trademark 1999
I thought you'd understand But it didn't go as planned And now you're standing next to me I don't know where I'm supposed to be I need some time I couldn't make things right (I never could decide) And now there is no light (And nowhere left to hide) People always let things go There is so much that you don't know I need some time You found you couldn't take enough So you decide to break enough To get even with my peer Are you too blind to question it Or cannot bear to answer it Or is it just that you don't care For now it seems to pass you by You didn't weep, you didn't cry Can't you understand this time I couldn't help but fail again I turn my back and count to ten But you just won't leave my mind. © Trademark 1999
I knew it all I knew where I would go But it was true The things you said to me And now I know Everything I want Everything I need is waiting for me here Oh can you help me please? Chorus Once there was a time I could have run from here I had no fear But it's nice to be back home Where I can reminisce What have I missed? The things I lost I learned to live without though everyday I hadn't thought it out and now I know Everything I've loved was always waiting here Chorus And this is the only time I've felt I belong I'll never go far away for long I'll tell no lies I'll never stay away Because now I want To live without regret Chorus © Trademark 1999


Trademark released their first album as a 3-piece in the summer of 1999. Each copy was hand-burned onto CD by the band and covers printed on a bubble-jet printer! About 25 copies made it out in to the world.

It was our last album to be recorded to analogue multi-track. The backings were recorded in a week and the vocals and mixing done over a couple of days, some weeks later. Compare this to our 2012 recording sessions, where we could easily spend this much time on just one song! The vocals on "Audiologue" were recorded in single takes and many parts were bounced together, meaning we had very little control over the final mix. A world away from today's technology!

With the master tapes long gone, this new release was remastered from the original mix CD. The original photos were also scanned and restored. These were taken by Stu's good friend Stephen Baker on a day out to the Docklands area of London. The front cover was taken at Bank Tube station and was inspired by the song "Minority".

We hope you enjoy listening to this piece of our history.

originally released September 4th, 1999


released August 30, 2019

Trademark are:
Oliver Horton
Stuart Meads
Paul Soulsby

All songs written and produced by:

Stephen Baker


all rights reserved



Trademark London, UK

1988 Cousins Stuart Meads & Oliver Horton form band
1999 Paul Soulsby joins. ‘Audiologue’
2000 First gig as 3-piece
2002 Gigging/recording
2003 ‘Fear:Disconnection’
2004 First album on Truck Records ‘Want More’. Human League tour
2005/6 Gigging/recording
2007 ‘Raise The Stakes’
2009 ‘At Loch Shiel’ EP
2012 Recording in Wales
2014 Artwork & mastering ‘Trademark.’
2017-19 Remaster ‘Audiologue’
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